How does Google Cardboard work

How Does Google Cardboard Work?

Google’s ingenious little virtual reality device is built around a piece of cardboard and costs next-to-nothing! How this works to create a wondrous virtual reality experience is also quite simple.


The device, which you could as well build at home, is a combination of two 40mm lenses, some velcro and magnets. When you place your phone at just the right distance – based on the space provided in the cardboard – the two lenses work to combine┬áthe double images in the video playing on the phone into a three-dimensional effect.

But that’s not all. When you move your head around the phone sense this movement and changes the images making you feel like you really are in that environment.

And there’s more! Since you can’t reach the phone’s buttons since they’re inside the little VR device – Google has put in a magnet on the side that acts like a button on a mouse. The phone’s magnetometer senses any movement on the magnet and activates a ‘click’ in your virtual world thereby getting you to control that environment.


There are numerous apps and videos online that you can instantly work with your Google Cardboard. Just look it up over a search engine or head to Youtube.


Getting Google Cardboard is super easy too. Check out the various versions available online HERE.

Of course, with constant development on the virtual reality front Cardboard could soon be a relic of the past but until technology leapfrogs into the future this continues to be an inexpensive and fun way to start exploring VR.

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